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Southern Alberta & Online Locations! 

Medicine Hat

In the City of Medicine Hat, we offer our Active Aging programs at the new and improved Veiner Centre and it's neighbouring centre, the Strathcona Centre. 


Unison's Active Aging also accommodates for mobility, health or transportation challenges by offering courses, presentations and workshops online via ZOOM!


In the City of Calgary, we offer our Active Aging programs at the beloved Kerby Centre as well as at a couple satellite locations such as Dalhousie Community Centre and Wild Rose Church.

Aging with Unison is Full of New Experiences

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Unison at Veiner Centre

Phone: 403-529-8307


225 Woodman Avenue SE

Medicine Hat, AB T1A 3H2

Unison at Strathcona Centre

Phone: 403-529-8364


1150 5th Street SE

Medicine Hat, AB T1A 8C7

Unison Online

Phone: 403-462-5080


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