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*Please note you need to sign-in to access

member pricing when registering online.

Do I need an account on this website? 

No, BUT it has it's benefits! By logging into your account on this website you are able to see the members only pages and activities, and when you register for anything this system will auto fill in all your information. 

You will also have access to your information to be able to update it, see what classes you have registered for, and be able to access reference materials for invoices and payments you have made. 

How do I create a username and password or if I forgot my password? 

You will need to have your email already in our system. Your email is your username. 

To create a password you will click on the icon in the top right that looks like a person and then click "forgot password". From there the system will send you an email to set a new password. 

*Please Note: this system requires a longer password. 

Do I have to pay online if I register for a class online?

No! When you register for a class you can request an invoice. You will get an email saying you have registered for the class, and then you will receive an email with your invoice. You can then call us to make a payment or you can bring your invoice in to the Active Aging office and we can process your payment there. 

Do I need to re-register each semester for the ongoing Free for Members online classes? 

Yes. This is a way for us to make sure our list of registrants is current and that they still want to be receiving the class Zoom link emails. 

I am not receiving class emails

This can be for a number of reasons.

1. Did you just update your email in the system? If so, give up a call or email as we will need to update the email in the classes and workshops that had been registered for before the update. 

2. Are you missing an email from an ongoing online class? For our ongoing online classes, participants need to register at the beginning of each new semester. This keeps our class lists up-to-date and means we aren't emailing anyone who no longer wishes to take that class.

3. It might be lost in your email. Email providers are always updating their programs which means things change. Gmail now has tabs in the inbox. Sometimes our emails end up in the "Promotions" tab. Outlook has a "Focused" and "Other" tab. It may also have been redirected to a junk or spam folder. Try searching for this email address in each of the folders/tabs.

How do I join an Online ZOOM class? 

All you need to do is register! We will send you an email with a ZOOM link for each class. Just click the link to be taken to the zoom class. Some classes may have a waiting room but your instructor will let you in, sit tight. 

Class Zoom Links are scheduled to send out at 3pm the day before your class. If you don't see it, check your junk, or other folders that your email system may have moved promotional emails to. For example, Google has a "Promotions" tab and Outlook as an "Other" tab. 

How do I get a ZOOM link for an online class if I don't have an email address on my account? 

If you and your partner share an email address, and are both in our system as members, register for the online class under the account that has the email connected to it. This way the ZOOM link email will go to the email address you use. 

Where can I download ZOOM?

When you click on a class link to start the class there will be an option to download ZOOM.

To download ZOOM before your class, visit

Downloading on a smartphone or tablet? Scroll down the page to “ZOOM Workplace mobile app”

  • If you are on an Apple – choose the Apple App Store.
  • If you are on anything other than an Apple product – choose “Google Play”

Downloading on a PC desktop or laptop? Click on the blue download button for “ZOOM Workplace desktop app.”

Downloading on any Apple product  (desktop, laptop, tablet, iPhone)? Click on your App Store Icon that will already be available on your Apple Product. Search for the “ZOOM” app and download.

*Please note you will be required to create a ZOOM account to be able to sign-in to your Zoom. The system will automatically walk you through signing up. 

Why are you redirecting me to Eventbrite to register for FREE online presentations?

We are able to reach a larger audience that may be interested in our online presentations. It allows us to be able to ask some demographic questions that we aggregate (throw into an anonymous info pot) for future grant funding requests. 

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